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Today we offer one course: Gettin' Git. This is our 2 day classroom based git deep dive. By the end of it your team will understand git operations, not just the command to run. This course is suitable for team member who are new to git through to people who have used it for years.

After the first day participants will have a solid understanding of common git commands, git internals, maintaining a clean history and recovering from mistakes. On the second day we discuss developer workflows, code reviews, automation and other efficiency tips.

Our Trainers

Our main trainer is Dave Hall. He has worked as a developer and sys admin for two decades. In this time he's worked for some of the largest companies in the world, small agencies, tech titans, government and not for profits. Dave has delivered training, run workshops and presented at conferences on five continents. Many of Dave's recent roles have involved mentoring less experienced developers. Dave is passionate about helping others improve their skills.

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Due to covid-19 we aren't offering public training at this time. If you wish to discuss covidsafe training options, please contact us.

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